04 Mar 2014 22:03

Top 5 tips for getting to sleep the night before the big day…..



1)  Take some time to relax and wind down in the hour or so before bed, have a bath, write down any thoughts or last minute tasks so you can forget about them until the morning. This all helps to prepare the mind and body for good quality sleep.

2) Remove or put out of sight any clocks, phone, I-pad, watch, anything where you will be tempted to clock watch.

3) Try and get into a sleep pattern leading up to the big day.

4) Have a power nap if your wedding is late in the day.

5) Don’t watch TV, play computer games, use I-pad or check emails just before you are about to sleep as it can prevent you from relaxing and could also encourage things to play on your mind and disrupt your sleep.

Hope this help.

Love Beth – Your Wedding Day PA x