07 Jan 2019 13:32


I am delighted to announce that I will be recommending and working with a lovely new and local supplier Avala Catering
Avala, a bespoke catering company, are based in Woking and work with private weddings and events and corporate clients throughout Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and London delivering excellent and tasty food, that is unique to your special occasion.
Avala will make sure you….
It’s the biggest day of your life, the day you’ve been dreaming of and planning for months. You want every single detail to be perfect. The food that is served will be one of the highlights for your guests so it has to be perfect. Whether you want a traditional seated wedding breakfast over four courses or would prefer bowl food for a more informal experience, Avala will make sure the food is delicious and memorable”
Keep posted for more exciting news in 2019!

29 May 2018 11:15

Top Tips When Viewing Dry Hire Venues

I was honoured to be asked by Jenny from Knight Ceremonies, an award winning celebrant, to give my top tips when viewing dry hire wedding venues.
I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Jenny and contributing to the blog and I hope everyone finds its useful and a good, interesting read.


Happy reading
Love Beth – Your Wedding Day PA x

18 Jan 2017 15:09

Why your local Village Hall could be perfect for your wedding…..

Most towns, cities and villages will have their own Hall, whether it is the local Village Hall, Community Hall or Town Hall.

The benefits of a Village Hall are:

– They are a blank canvas giving you the opportunity to decorate the hall exactly how you want to with bunting, pompoms, swaging, up-lighting, draping, fairy lights, balloons….the list is endless

– Usually have some great outdoor space – great for photo’s, outdoor games, reception drinks, hog roast, BBQ, ice cream van and fresh air.

– They give you the flexibility to use your own caterers and the chance to set up or hire a bar for drinks.

– They may have cutlery, tables and chairs available, but if not to you taste then you could hire chair covers and sashes (click the COVERS & SASHES tab above for my hire details and sash gallery) to brighten up the room or hire in your own tables and rustic wooden chairs. Linen, such as table clothes and napkins, would also need to be considered and most likely need to be hired.

– Often close to a Church with parking facilities so you could get married in the local church and have everyone stroll across to the Village Hall?

– Some halls may have a licence for Civil Ceremonies so you could get married and have your wedding breakfast and evening reception all under one roof.

– That the hall is all yours, however you will need to remember that the wedding venue will need to be set up and cleared away. Some halls will offer you a weekend package giving you the opportunity to set up the day before and clear up the day after the wedding. You may feel you need to book a wedding coordinator to assist with the set up, clear away and perhaps even coordinate the day too (click the PACKAGES tab above for more information about my wedding day set up and coordination packages)

Village halls can have a lot of history, memories and be beautiful inside and out. Take a look around some of your local halls to see if they may be the venue for your big day?

I can help with the hire of chair covers and sashes and the wedding day set up and coordination. Take a look at the rest of my website for more details.

Love Beth x

Your Wedding Day PA

02 Mar 2015 14:57

Choosing your Best Man and their Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Best Man are:

1) Organising the stag weekend

Traditionally the Best Man is responsible for organising the stag party. However the Groom may want some input to this as well so why not organise a stag party committee. Facebook Groups and Whats App groups are a great way to invite all attendees and keep everyone easily updated with the plans etc…

2) Looking after the wedding rings

The Best Man needs to be a reliable person as they will usually be responsible for remembering to take the rings with him to the ceremony.

3) Getting the Groom to the ceremony

It is the duty of the Best Man to ensure that the Groom is ready at the venue before guests start to arrive, so this may mean getting up earlier than usual!

4) Keeping the Groom calm and relaxed

The Best Man needs to make sure the Groom stays calm before the ceremony. If (hopefully not) there are any minor issues that crop up the morning of the wedding, be sure to resolve them for the Groom as he does not need the added stress.

Visit the venue before the big day with the Best Man and Ushers and brief them on how the day will go and their duties. It may also be useful to provide the Best Man and Ushers with a list of tasks and useful contact numbers that they have available to look at on the day.

5) Managing the ushers

It is the Best Mans responsibility to ensure the Ushers are preforming their duties on the day. Although having a brief beforehand and their list of tasks written down for them to have on the day will help a lot.

6) The Best Man’s speech

The Best Man’s speech follows on the from the Groom. The Groom or Toastmaster will introduce you. The Best Man speech may include the following:-

~ A slide show

~ Compliments to the Bride, Bridesmaids and wedding party

~ How the Best Man knows the Groom

~ How & when the Bride & Groom met

~ How the Groom has changed since meeting the bride – all positive things of course!

~ Jokes and stories

~ Finally – finish with a toast to the Bride & Groom.

Good Luck from Your Wedding Day PA x

15 Oct 2014 13:21

What to do with your wedding dress after the big day…

After months and years of planning your perfect wedding, the day has come and gone leaving you with lots of happy memories and photographs but you must now also think what should you do with your wedding dress? While your beautiful dress is probably hanging up on the back of your bedroom door or tucked away in the wardrobe, here are a few helpful tips on what to do with your dress after your wedding.

~ Cleaning

Your dress should be taken to a professional cleaner within two weeks to prevent any stains from setting in. Remove trimmings, hoops, petticoats and accessories before cleaning.

~ Preservation

If you are keeping your dress you will want to invest in a presentation box / dress storage box that is acid-reduced, dust-proof, and lined with unbleached cotton. This will protect the dress from light and dust, yellowing, creasing, molding or mildewing. Acid-proof paper or acid-free tissue paper needs to be placed in between the dress where folded and around the dress, allowing it to breathe. Avoid vacuum sealed and shrink wrapped processes.

~ Selling

There are a couple of ways to sell your dress.

Newspaper Adverts need to be unfussy, giving the size, style, colour, condition of the dress and selling price. You want to give enough info to ensure you attract serious buyers.

Online there will be lots of options for selling wedding dresses so you need to look into each site to find out how much the site takes for each transaction, do you choose a buyer or is there an auction, do you set the terms of sale or do the site e.g. payment, returns policy etc. Never send your dress to the buyer without first receiving and depositing full payment.

~ Donating

Consider donating your dress. This can make many brides wishes come true as they may not be able to afford their dream wedding dress. There are organizations and charities that make wedding dresses available to brides at a reduced cost. Once you have chosen where you want to donate, you must box up your dress, correctly labeled and include a self-addressed envelope to ensure a receipt is returned.

13 Apr 2014 17:24

Wedding Planner Surrey, Hamsphire and surrounding areas

Your Wedding Day PA is a professional and dedicated wedding planning service, in Surrey, Hampshire and surrounding areas with Packages, Chair Cover and Sash Hire, Accessories and Wedding Planner Services to suit everyone.

I am extremely passionate about planning and organising weddings and events. I have been a successful Wedding Planner and Event Planner for two distinctive hotel chains in Surrey since 2008. The enjoyment I got from my job, planning my own wedding in 2009 and friend’s weddings and events thereafter, made me realise this was where my heart belonged.

After achieving a 2:1 BSc degree in Clothing and Textiles with Retail Marketing from De Montfort University in Leicester, I experienced work as a Market Research Executive and a Personal Assistant before becoming a Wedding and Events Coordinator. This has helped me to maintain advanced organisational skills, professionalism, great attention to detail and excellent communication skills.

Your Wedding Day PA is based close to the Hampshire and Surrey borders, also covering some areas of South and West London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex and Middlesex.

I have also successfully completed a comprehensive wedding planning course and continue to be mentored by the QC School of Wedding Planning.

My wedding packages include: Wedding Venue Sourcing, supplier sourcing, Wedding  Day Coordination, Wedding  Day Set-Up and Wedding PA Services.

Please check out the rest of my website and feel free to contact me for anymore information.

Love Beth – Your Wedding Day PA



30 Mar 2014 19:36

Top Tips for the Mother of the Bride Outfit

Happy Mothers Day x

Seeing as it’s Mothers Day I thought I would dedicate my blog today to all the beautiful mums who have a daughter getting married and may need some tips on the Mother of the Bride outfit.

So your daughter is getting married, you have helped her to find her perfect dress and now it’s your turn to find the perfect outfit.  You are the Mother of the Bride so you will want to look fabulous but maybe you are unsure about what colour, style or when to buy the outfit. So I thought I would share some tip and ideas with you.

1) Colour. Work with the colour theme. Choose a shade similar to the Bridesmaids dresses but a colour that suits you and remember white is a no go.

2) Style and Comfort. Try and find out what body shape you are e.g if you are an apple, you may want to have and outfit that shows off your waist, slender perhaps a dress that has frills? Remember you will be in your outfit all day, standing up and sitting down, eating, drinking and dancing. Winter wedding, summer wedding, will you be too hot or too cold? You need to take all of these points into consideration when choosing your outfit. Good summer fabrics are chiffon, cotton, organza as silks and satins can cling. Winter fabrics think, polyester, wools.

3) When to buy. It is a good idea to plan ahead and start looking for an outfit around 5-6 months before the big day. Once you have the dress you can then take your time looking for the matching accessories including hand bag, jewellery, shoes (that need to be worn in) and the hat. Try and have the outfit complete around 6 weeks before the wedding and remember to contact the Mother in Law to see what she is thinking of wearing so that you do not clash or thinking of a similar colour.

4) Hair and Make-up. Go with a hair  style you feel comfortable with but on the morning of the big day treat yourself and get it professionally washed, blow dried and styled.  Make sure you have a different style to your daughter. With make up match the tones to your outfit. You can always visit high street retailers and have make up trials. Then you can either purchase the products to do the make up yourself on the day or hire a make up artist to come round and do the  Bride, Bridesmaids and you.

I hope this has helped.

Love Beth – Your Wedding  Day PA


04 Mar 2014 22:03

Top 5 tips for getting to sleep the night before the big day…..



1)  Take some time to relax and wind down in the hour or so before bed, have a bath, write down any thoughts or last minute tasks so you can forget about them until the morning. This all helps to prepare the mind and body for good quality sleep.

2) Remove or put out of sight any clocks, phone, I-pad, watch, anything where you will be tempted to clock watch.

3) Try and get into a sleep pattern leading up to the big day.

4) Have a power nap if your wedding is late in the day.

5) Don’t watch TV, play computer games, use I-pad or check emails just before you are about to sleep as it can prevent you from relaxing and could also encourage things to play on your mind and disrupt your sleep.

Hope this help.

Love Beth – Your Wedding Day PA x

11 Feb 2014 13:15

Is your sister getting married?

My sister is getting married this year and I cannot wait for her big day to arrive. It has been an exciting time for both of us and I wanted to share some ideas and tips to those of you who have a sister getting married in the near future.

Helping: My advice would be to wait for your sister to ask you for help and advice. Being a wedding planner I really had to contain myself , stopping myself from jumping in and taking over. You do not want to fall out with your sister or end up arguing. This should be a happy time, an enjoyable one. This is a special part of both your lives, where you get the chance to really bond with each other, spend quality time together and be a part of the biggest day of your sisters life.

Maid of Honour, Chief Bridesmaid or Matron of Honour?: Maid of Honor and Chief Bridesmaid mean the same thing, chief Bridesmaid being more informal and signifies the maid of honor / Chief Bridesmaid is not married. Matron of Honor signifies that the maid of honor is married. Your main duties as a Maid of Honour, Chief Bridesmaid or Matron of Honour would include being the brides personal assistant, organising the hen party, help shop for the wedding dress, lead the other bridesmaids, hold the brides bouquet and handbag during the service, arrange the brides train and veil before walking into the ceremony and again at the alter, have some tissues at the ready (for both of you) and last but not least, be there to support her when she needs it, with both the preparations and on her wedding day.

Gift: You may want to get a gift for your sister but unsure what to get her? It is a lovely idea to get a thoughtful gift to remember her wedding and show her your support and love. Since you know your sister better than most, this will give you the opportunity to tailor the gift to her specific interests and choose something sentimental that she will cherish. Ideas include a photo album or scrap book, spa treatment, wine tasting, chocolate making class, champagne afternoon tea, picture of the two of you together.

Speech: Your sister may ask you to do a speech at her wedding. Don’t panic. Here is some useful tips on what to include. It may be different to other speeches as you will be able to include, funny stories, sob stories and why she is perfect for her husband. Have a girly evening and reminisce with your sister, going through old photo albums and childhood memories. Get to know the ins and outs of your sisters relationship with her fiance so that you can talk about why they are perfect for each other, you could even quote something that your sister has said about him.You also need to get to know your sister’s fiance a little better. Perhaps arrange a group night our or go out with some other couples. Get to know his likes and dislikes, what made him fall in love with your sister, any funny stories he has about them both. Once you have gathered all your information you are ready to write your speech. Make it heart felt and inspiring. Use quotes and stories from your sister and her fiance. Re read the speech a few times so that yo can get it perfect and build you confidence up. When you come to read the speech on the wedding day remember to engage with the audience and most inportatly with your sister.

Poem: Your sister may ask you to read a poem or a reading at your wedding during the service.  You may feel confident in writing your own poem, a lot of people do this nowadays as it gives them the opportunity to share personal feelings, support and love to that individual. If I was to read a poem at my sisters wedding it would be this one by Natasha Niemi:-

I Love You

Even though I’m older,
And we often see things differently,
There’s not a single thing
I would not do for you.
No matter where you are
And no matter what you do
I will always be here for you.
You’re my baby sister,
And I love you.

If you need any personal assistance with the above, please do get in touch, beth@yourweddindaypa.co.uk as I would be delighted to help you.

Good luck!

Love Beth x



17 Sep 2013 10:16

Save time and money

To save on time and money, your name card could also be your favour, e.g. iced name on a fairy cake, cup cake or cookie