02 Mar 2015 14:57

Choosing your Best Man and their Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Best Man are:

1) Organising the stag weekend

Traditionally the Best Man is responsible for organising the stag party. However the Groom may want some input to this as well so why not organise a stag party committee. Facebook Groups and Whats App groups are a great way to invite all attendees and keep everyone easily updated with the plans etc…

2) Looking after the wedding rings

The Best Man needs to be a reliable person as they will usually be responsible for remembering to take the rings with him to the ceremony.

3) Getting the Groom to the ceremony

It is the duty of the Best Man to ensure that the Groom is ready at the venue before guests start to arrive, so this may mean getting up earlier than usual!

4) Keeping the Groom calm and relaxed

The Best Man needs to make sure the Groom stays calm before the ceremony. If (hopefully not) there are any minor issues that crop up the morning of the wedding, be sure to resolve them for the Groom as he does not need the added stress.

Visit the venue before the big day with the Best Man and Ushers and brief them on how the day will go and their duties. It may also be useful to provide the Best Man and Ushers with a list of tasks and useful contact numbers that they have available to look at on the day.

5) Managing the ushers

It is the Best Mans responsibility to ensure the Ushers are preforming their duties on the day. Although having a brief beforehand and their list of tasks written down for them to have on the day will help a lot.

6) The Best Man’s speech

The Best Man’s speech follows on the from the Groom. The Groom or Toastmaster will introduce you. The Best Man speech may include the following:-

~ A slide show

~ Compliments to the Bride, Bridesmaids and wedding party

~ How the Best Man knows the Groom

~ How & when the Bride & Groom met

~ How the Groom has changed since meeting the bride – all positive things of course!

~ Jokes and stories

~ Finally – finish with a toast to the Bride & Groom.

Good Luck from Your Wedding Day PA x