15 Oct 2014 13:21

What to do with your wedding dress after the big day…

After months and years of planning your perfect wedding, the day has come and gone leaving you with lots of happy memories and photographs but you must now also think what should you do with your wedding dress? While your beautiful dress is probably hanging up on the back of your bedroom door or tucked away in the wardrobe, here are a few helpful tips on what to do with your dress after your wedding.

~ Cleaning

Your dress should be taken to a professional cleaner within two weeks to prevent any stains from setting in. Remove trimmings, hoops, petticoats and accessories before cleaning.

~ Preservation

If you are keeping your dress you will want to invest in a presentation box / dress storage box that is acid-reduced, dust-proof, and lined with unbleached cotton. This will protect the dress from light and dust, yellowing, creasing, molding or mildewing. Acid-proof paper or acid-free tissue paper needs to be placed in between the dress where folded and around the dress, allowing it to breathe. Avoid vacuum sealed and shrink wrapped processes.

~ Selling

There are a couple of ways to sell your dress.

Newspaper Adverts need to be unfussy, giving the size, style, colour, condition of the dress and selling price. You want to give enough info to ensure you attract serious buyers.

Online there will be lots of options for selling wedding dresses so you need to look into each site to find out how much the site takes for each transaction, do you choose a buyer or is there an auction, do you set the terms of sale or do the site e.g. payment, returns policy etc. Never send your dress to the buyer without first receiving and depositing full payment.

~ Donating

Consider donating your dress. This can make many brides wishes come true as they may not be able to afford their dream wedding dress. There are organizations and charities that make wedding dresses available to brides at a reduced cost. Once you have chosen where you want to donate, you must box up your dress, correctly labeled and include a self-addressed envelope to ensure a receipt is returned.